The Causes, Effects, And Solution Of Poor Nutrition In Children

Food is essential for survival. There are many foods available and there are both good and bad foods. Food choices, how one nurtures their bodies and the way they eat are all aspects of an individual’s eating habits. Many people are poor eaters, consuming food that is harmful to their bodies. A person can clearly see the costs and benefits of what they are eating. It is more difficult for children to make good eating decisions. This essay will examine the causes, consequences, and possible solutions to poor eating habits in children.

Roblin (2007) suggests that children are unlikely to choose how their food habits will be shaped. As with all phenomena, there are reasons behind why children eat unhealthy food. This is one of the ways to determine if a child has poor eating habits. Media is often a reason children become obsessed with junk food, sugary sweets, or other unhealthy foods. Children see the ads and are eager to try the food. It is difficult for children to see the dangers of poor eating habits. These foods are appealing because they can make a profit and don’t care about the potential negative consequences. Parents are responsible for the poor eating habits of their children. Two ways a parent could be responsible for this problem are: The parent can be the cause of the problem by neglecting the child or creating unbalanced meal times. It can cause serious harm to children if they don’t have consistent meals. Another way to avoid poor eating habits is by not having a consistent meal time. If their children are suffering from this condition, it is possible that they themselves could be responsible. Children’s eating habits and attitudes are influenced by their parents. Children will mimic their parents eating habits when they see it as normal. Because they are unable to make better decisions, children grow up believing this is normal and healthy. (Brown & Ogden, 2004)

According to Pollert, Kauffman, and Veilleux (2016), there are two sides to every problem. One is the cause, the other the effect. The cause is the reason for the complication. The effect is the result of the behavior. It is the short-term or long-term outcome. Poor eating habits can have a number of psychological effects on children. Poor eating habits are known to cause depression, anxiety, and low self esteem. Poor body image can lead to low self-esteem, which in turn can lead to eating disorders. Children develop anorexia as a result of the stress caused by their body image and rejection. These can cause psychological trauma and break down children.

Obesity is the second consequence of poor eating habits. Children who are poor eaters face this as a common problem. Obesity can cause many health problems that are related. Obesity can lead to many health issues. Some of these problems may develop in older people, while others can occur as children are still young. These issues include irregular blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease. Children may experience problems in their brain function due to poor diets.

Many different methods have been tried to prevent these problems in children. The problem persists despite all the attempts to solve it. The problem is still being faced despite the various solutions. One solution was to eliminate programs that encourage unhealthy eating and encourage healthy eating habits via media. The suggestion was followed by only a handful companies, but it did not have any significant results. It can be difficult for children to change their mind-set, especially if it involves a tool that promises happiness. Food commercials that focus on junk food, fast foods, and sweets will continue to dominate television and TV. The solution was not successful and many children continue to have poor eating habits. (Roblin, 2009)

Changes in the parenting behavior could be a solution. The parent must be able to control what the child eats. This means that parents must be positive influences on their child’s eating habits. Sessions between parents and kids to encourage healthy living habits could be a good idea. Parents and children both benefit, with the added benefit that they have a common interest in establishing a good lifestyle.

A lot of children struggle with eating healthy food and eating regularly, which can also have adverse consequences. Even as children, bad eating habits can begin even at a young age. Media is one reason children are becoming unhealthy eating habits. Children are attracted to unhealthy foods and sweets by television and commercials. Children are attracted to their sweet taste because of the sweetness. Another reason is the negligence of parents. They either have bad eating habits and allow their children to imitate them, or they don’t have regular eating routines. Children can become obese as a result. Children who gain weight quickly can develop many conditions later in their lives. Poor eating habits may also have a psychological effect on children. Anorexia and other serious disorders can begin at an early age. Media was not a viable solution as it didn’t work well and had more than twice as many media ads supporting unhealthy foods. The solution to the problem is not just for the parent, but also for the child and their relationship.