Roy Parker Obituary

Roy Parker, a respected social work and social administration professor, has passed away at the age of 85. Appointed by Bristol University in 1969, he was a pioneer in his field, quickly transforming his department into one with an impressive national and international reputation for research and teaching.

Parker made noteworthy contributions to a range of essential social policy initiatives, including the Seebohm report and the Wagner report on the future of residential care. Born in southeast London, he was raised by parents who had personal experiences with living in a workhouse and fostering a little girl, fueling his interest in helping impoverished children.

Parker attended Dartford grammar school and later pursued social sciences at the London School of Economics. He also served with the RAF in Libya and Egypt before working as a childcare officer, a lecturer at the LSE, and a researcher studying foster care, earning a PhD for his work.

Throughout his career, Parker conducted research and published papers on various subjects, including children’s care decision-making and disabled young people’s welfare. In addition, he served on numerous committees and advised the Department of Health on child welfare, social security, and more.

Following his retirement in 1997, Parker continued working at the Dartington Social Research Unit, where he completed his research on the shipment of poor children to Canada (1867-1917) and authored Change and Continuity in Children’s Services (2015).

Parker was an exceptional teacher whose lectures were expertly prepared and compelling, leaving a lasting impression on his students and colleagues. While he was capable of offering constructive criticism when necessary, he was always encouraging and supportive.

Survived by his wife, José, whom he married in 1954, as well as four children, eight grandchildren, and a sister, Parker will be deeply missed by all who knew him.


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