Monthly QuotED: 8 Notable Quotes That Made Education Headlines In January, From Graduation Gaming To Teacher Pay — And More School Board Shenanigans

Monthly QuotED: 8 Notable Quotes That Made Education Headlines in January, From Graduation Gaming to Teacher Pay — and More School Board Shenanigans

QuotED presents a compilation of notable quotes related to the prominent education news stories in America. These quotes are extracted from our weekly EduClips, which features morning headlines from the 15 largest school districts in the country. To catch up on previous EduClips editions, you can find them here.

"It’s worth acknowledging the increasing high school graduation rates, which I perceive as a positive outcome. However, it does raise questions about the uniformity and significance of these diplomas compared to their past value." – Anne Hyslop, previously part of the Department of Education and currently with the Alliance for Excellent Education. (Source: Chalkbeat)

Broward County Schools Superintendent, Robert Runcie, emphasized the need for thoughtful consideration rather than impulsive reactions when implementing school security measures following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida last February. (Source: Miami Herald)

Houston-area state Representative Harold Dutton Jr. expressed doubts about the Houston Independent School District’s ability to rectify its persistently struggling schools. Dutton suggested that without substantial pressure, the necessary improvements will not occur. Houston has until February 3rd to prevent a potential state takeover or closure of several schools. (Source:

Jesse Sharkey, the president of the Chicago teachers union, expressed concern about student misconduct. Although adult misconduct is regarded as unacceptable, Sharkey emphasized that efforts must also focus on addressing student behavior towards their peers. Over the past four months, there have been approximately 900 reported cases of sexual misconduct between students in the Chicago district. (Source: Chalkbeat)

Amid the upcoming teacher strike in Los Angeles, Jeanne Allen, CEO of the Center for Education Reform, noted that substantial changes in hiring, retaining, rewarding, and compensating educators are necessary for meaningful change. Although there is potential for the Los Angeles Unified School District to implement radical and innovative approaches such as school restructuring or closure, the needed changes are not expected due to various complex factors and vested interests. (Source: LA School Report)

Kevin Rooker, a history teacher in Saginaw, Michigan, shed light on the low financial compensation in the teaching profession. Rooker calculated that his hourly wage amounted to just $2.68 when considering the hours he devoted to his work. (Source: USA Today)

Ilya Shapiro from the libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute, expressed concerns about establishing a federal right to education or a guaranteed level of funding for education. Shapiro argued that such measures would result in an abundance of legal work, turning it into a source of employment for lawyers. (Source:

Debra Robinson, the longest-serving member of the Palm Beach County School Board, violated board ethics policies when she vowed to seek retribution against a Haitian-American radio station that had confronted her. Robinson’s actions prompted investigations. (Source: The Palm Beach Post)

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