Medical Marijuana: Personal Opinion About This Topic

Today’s controversial issue is medical marijuana. There has been a constant battle between federal officials, doctors, patients and medical marijuana. However, medical marijuana has been shown to be more effective than pain medication in eliminating side effects and being less addictive. Individuals suffering from serious illnesses and conditions should have medical access to marijuana.

At the moment, medical marijuana is legal in thirty states. The legal status of medical marijuana in the United States is that it can be purchased, possessed, and consumed by any state. However, federal law still prohibits all of these actions. The laws in these thirty states show how they should work. Federal alcohol laws are somewhat modeled on state laws. You must be 21 to buy or sell marijuana. Anyone under 21 years old can give or sell marijuana. The limit for purchasing and possessing marijuana is one ounce. All retailers were restricted to selling between 8 AM and Midnight (Calkins). Times Magazine reports that Colorado marijuana DUIs have dropped 33 percent. 2 % in Q1 2017. (Abrams). Between January and March this year, 150 people were cited by the NHTSA for driving under influence. Although the laws regarding marijuana and alcohol may seem similar, there are clear studies that show alcohol causes more fatalities than cannabis. These laws will be a guide for us. Additionally, medical marijuana is often used in the United States for pain control and nausea. Although marijuana doesn’t have the strength to handle extreme pain like post-surgical, it is still effective in managing pain. Many Americans use it for their chronic pain. Some studies have shown that marijuana can be used to ease pain and increase appetite. Many cancer patients claim that smoking marijuana makes it possible to resume daily activities after treatment. It is also known to reduce neuropathy pain. This is pain that results from nerve damage. Everybody can relate in some way to cancer. There are many people in our lives who have been diagnosed with this horrible disease. Around 38. National Cancer Institute: Approximately 38. These alarming statistics should give us the opportunity to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. One can only imagine your loved ones being affected by chemotherapy.

Although many diseases can’t be treated, doctors continue to prescribe pain medication that causes serious internal damage. Vicodin (opioids) is one of the most commonly prescribed prescription medications. Despite the fact that opioid overdoses cause death in 140 million Americans each day (DEA), Extreme withdrawal symptoms can also be caused by prescription painkillers if they are suddenly stopped. Even long-term users of marijuana, there is no withdrawal. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, there has never been a case of a person dying from an overdose due to cannabis. In the past few years, opioid abuse has increased. It’s clear that medical cannabis is safer than opioid painkillers. Marijuana is much less likely to become dependent than opioids, and there are no fatal overdoses. Clearly, medical marijuana defeats pain medication(opioids) hands down.

What society would allow alcohol consumption that causes thousands of deaths each year and allows doctors access to opioids without knowing about the dangers of dependency? The legalization of medical marijuana has not been made. While marijuana might have a negative stigma, medical marijuana should be legal. It is difficult to believe that marijuana should be legalized, given all of the benefits it offers.


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